“Edelweiss” ratings – a guarantee of quality for your holiday in Radstadt

Criteria for awarding “Edelweiss”

To be awarded “Edelweiss” accommodation properties must meet a number of criteria and minimum requirements. The Association of Salzburg Accommodation Owners awards inspects the properties and award their category. 2, 3, 3s or 4 “Edelweiss” can be awarded. So you can be guaranteed you’re in the best of hands in a member property of the Association of Private Accommodation and Apartments in Radstadt.

“Edelweiss” criteria for rooms and apartments

2 Edelweiss

Properties awarded 2 “Edelweiss” offer accommodation with basic facilities.

3 Edelweiss

This seal of quality ensures elegant, comfortable facilities with “homely and cosy character” in all areas. The use of quality materials and a corresponding atmoshpere are prerequesite for this award.

3s Edelweiss

All criteria of the 4-Edelweiß accommodation must be met, yet minor differences (size, quality) are allowed, to still be awarded this distinction. Only one single difference is tolerated for this seal of quality (i.e. no dish washer available) to be awarded.

4 Edelweiss

The award for first-rate properties. With very comfortable, harmonious facilities meeting the needs of high-quality demands and the desire for a personal atmosphere.

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